Tibetan Logo Our Tibetan collection is reproductions of ancient Tibetan patterns. Each rug under this collection is handcrafted using handspun and hand carded Tibetan wool and silk. Patterns in this collection have many symbols that have profound meaning for Tibetans. We have categorized this collection under 8key groups. “Lhasa” is the political and religious capital for Tibetans, “Wheel of Life” is a visual depiction of the various states of being for an individual, “Chakra” is the endless cycle of birth and rebirth, “Sacred Mantra” serves as the protector of land with deep inner meanings, “Damaru” a ritual musical instrument with swinging beads play an important role in Tibetan daily life, “Lotus” represents compassion, “Endless Knot” one of the most important Tibetan symbols represents the interweaving of the spiritual path, and “Passion” symbolizes confidence, disciplined awareness, kindness, and modesty. Our Tibetan collection can bring together all your design elements in both residential and commercial space. (Please note: pattern may vary slightly according to size of rug. Sizes are approximate. Colors may vary based on screen setting and fiber selection.)