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In an expanding environmentally conscious world, we have always been a source for eco-friendly products. From the naturally created and renewable materials we use (wool, silk, cotton) to the long lasting handcrafted construction our rugs are made with all natural ingredients. We have now introduced a line of rugs made from highly sustainable plant fibers such as Hemp, Cactus, Aloe, and Banana silk. Because of their high suppleness and resistance within an aggressive environment these plants are often harvested from the wild by hand, some are found growing in the high altitude mountains of Nepal. Our designs in the sprout collection are generally left undyed to create a serene, organic feel to any space. (Please note: pattern may vary slightly according to size of rug. Sizes are approximate. Colors may vary based on screen setting and fiber selection.)

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SproutCollection number:
Type: Hand-Knotted Tibetan
Colors: Muted Natural Fibers
Fiber Content:100% Hemp
Rug Pad: Recommended
Shipping: FREE (worldwide)
Sample?: Simply request a 1ftx1ft rug
and we will supply a sample in 4-5 weeks.
Sample cost will be $200 and you will
receive a credit on your final purchase.
Purchase value has to be at least $500 for
the sample credit to apply.
You should look at ordering a sample
if you want to confirm your colors
and texture of the rug.

Enter your preferred size and we will calculate your price
Size: L ft x W ft

(The shape selected at this time is Rectangle)



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